Facebook Ads for Coaches, Consultants and Online Course Creators

Facebook Ads Implementation Coaching

This is for you if: You want to be in full control of your ads AND instead of figuring things out on your own – which will likely cost you MORE than the price of this coaching package  – you would rather get a working system that you can plug and play.

You get training on:

  • How to target your ads
  • Copywriting secrets and templates for your ads
  • How to create attention-grabbing graphics for your ads – with examples
  • How to set up your ads – I’ll walk you through the Ads Manager and share my tips and hacks for creating ads quickly
  • How to analyze your ads so you know what’s working and not (and don’t waste your money)

This training usually happens over four or five one-hour sessions that can be scheduled weekly or bi-weekly so you have the time to absorb and implement the training. All the sessions are recorded so you can go back and re-watch as needed.

Investment: Custom price, based on a project.

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Facebook Ads Campaign Audit

Your Facebook ads campaign is not performing as well as you’d like or you flat out got NO results from it? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there! Let’s take a look and see what needs to be fixed or tweaked to make it perform!

You get:
– 1 round of audit as you come
written plan of what changes to make
– the 2nd round of audit after you’ve made changes and run those ads for a few days. This second round is optional – if your campaign starts to perform well, you can skip this.

However, many campaigns will require further tweaking and therefore this second round of audit – simply because there is not one single thing that you can change, and your ads magically start converting like crazy. Facebook ads’ success depends on a number of factors, including offer, landing page, and the ads themselves.

Investment: $297

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Done-for-you Monthly Facebook Ads Management

This service is BOOKED OUT until March 2020. If you would like to learn more about what’s usually included in it or would like to chat about working together once more spots are available, just click the button below to schedule a free call. 

You have a big launch coming up and there’s a million things to take care of, without adding Facebook ads to your plate.

Or you are ready to scale up and you know that Facebook ads will be a huge part of your success.

Here’s how it works: You run your launch – or your business – and DO NOT worry about ads. While I…

  • Set up all of your campaigns
  • Set up the pixel tracking
  • Upload and set up custom audiences in your Facebook ads account
  • Research and set up multiple different targeting options for your campaigns
  • Design multiple different creatives for the ads (you only provide custom images and videos if you wish)
  • Analyze and maintain the ads
  • Report to you

Investment: Custom price, based on a project.

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“Yulia helped me put together a campaign which delivered my best conversions yet and helped me 4X my investment.”

I started to work with Yulia after she completed a mini-audit for me of a previous campaign I had run. There were clearly things that I could have done better and her analysis made me realise that I needed someone who could give me constructive feedback on my message, creative and targeting.

Her interaction with my campaign and her insights have been invaluable. I have increased my ad spend significantly as I trust that it will be seen by the right people with a message that will resonate with them.

I can’t speak highly enough of my experience with Yulia. She went above and beyond with our project, kept me on track and accountable, but most importantly, helped me put together a campaign which delivered my best conversions yet and helped me 4X my investment.

And she threw in plenty of tips and snippets of wisdom about implementation along the way. I can’t wait to work with her again on my next campaign.

Vicky Etherington

Web Designer and WordPress Consultant, Azure Marketing

Yulia is a professional marketer committed to driving results and has developed comprehensive social media strategies that have helped our clients improve on their KPIs. Her attention to developing best practice guidelines and implementing them accordingly in an ever-changing landscape make her an industry leader. We would recommend Yulia to others and look forward to continue working with her.
Bill Rosenthal

CEO, Visibility and Conversions

I knew Yulia from Peri10K and once I saw a few of her livestreams, I knew she was someone I would like to work with. I was very happy with our decision to work with her and learned quite a bit. Yulia has been very approachable and great about following up to ensure our success.

I am still learning how to apply what I have learned, but I feel much more comfortable with Facebook ads and know that with the training Yulia provided, I will have what I need to be successful.

I really feel like we were able to understand how the strategies Yulia was teaching us would relate to our specific needs. The best aspect of coaching was her willingness to walk us through everything and provide notes for us to reference later. I also appreciated the multiple sessions so we weren’t forced to absorb everything at once.

I would most definitely recommend Yulia’s services! She has been great to work with, offered us a great amount of content and reference material and her follow-up has been much appreciated!

Amy Ruocco

Founder, Mamabear Moms

OMG Yulia Yaganova you are amazing! So I just just got out of my coaching session on Facebook ads with Yulia that I won on Katya Varbanova’s giveaway and guys, was it a blast. I went from an absolute Zero consideration of using FB ads to having a great AND simple (for my little knowledge on it) strategy that has me really excited.

She was so thorough and detailed on every bit of advice. SHE EVEN TOOK NOTES FOR ME! I’m recommending her to every biz owner I can and especially to you guys. If you need help to strategize or have doubts on if it’s right for you too, hit her up!

PS. I learned you can boost you Livestreams Right after they are done and that is and, in my opinion, that is an unfair advantage over the people that don’t livestream!

Ovidio Efraín López Alers

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