How to Generate Leads & Sales with Facebook Ads:

Foundational course for coaches, consultants and online course creators

If you want to...

✅ Achieve your ambitious business goals, faster  

✅ Impact more people with your products and services, creating a ripple effect

✅...All while working less - because ads help you bring in leveraged leads and sales...

Then inside the Business Amplifier,
we have the training, tools and support
to make it happen - and a LOT quicker and easier
than you ever imagined.

Have you ever found yourself in any of these situations?

"I've heard that Facebook and Instagram ads can be amazing for growing my business, but don’t know where to start. I don’t really have a strategy and I am not 100% sure on how the ads will fit in with the rest of my marketing efforts."


"I am not sure how to create an ad that will actually convert well. There are LOTS of settings in the Facebook Ads Manager - which ones do I use? The internet is full of information on Facebook ads, but it either contradicts each other or just doesn't apply to MY business."


I’ve tried ads before, and they didn’t work for me. It felt like I’m putting my money down the drain, with nothing to show for it. I couldn't "fix" my ads on my own."


"I’ve tried ads, and had some success with them.. But then, the platform has changed, the market has changed, and the ads stopped working, and I wasn’t sure how to adjust to that and which strategy and tactics are best going forward."


"I have an amazing offer, and running ads profitably - how do I scale that and spend thousands daily, profitably?"

I’ve helped clients through every single one of these challenges, and once we’ve dialed in their...


the quality of the ads that they were able to produce and

the ads optimization, 

I saw HUGE shifts and explosive growth in my clients' businesses.

And now, I’ve packaged the tools and strategies into a convenient online course format that you can apply in your own time, WITHOUT a 5-figure investment for done-for-you or consulting services. 

Hey! I’m Yulia Stourac, a Facebook [Meta] Ads Strategist and the creator of this course.

In case we haven’t met yet, here’s why I can help you succeed with Facebook ads:

👉 9+ years of experience with Facebook ads, most of them in the online services and online course creation niche 

👉 Helped hundreds of people through my consulting, done-for-you offers and online course 

👉 Hundreds of thousands of leads generated for my clients 

👉 Responsible for millions of dollars in sales for businesses I worked with 

So WHY join my Business Amplifier program?


Follow a structured plan instead of trial and error

✅Get all the tools and knowledge you need to start running Facebook ads from scratch (even if you have zero experience)


Get clear on your Facebook ads strategy

A confused mind does what? That's right, it does nothing.

✅ When you know exactly what you are doing with your ads, and why, you can actually follow through, confidently and CONSISTENTLY.


Better quality ads = higher return on your investment

✅ FINALLY have the confidence that you're using a SUCCESSFUL ads framework - instead of blindly throwing money at Facebook!


Improve your Facebook ads skills no matter how full your days are

✅Each lesson and module build on top of each other - no more time and energy wasted piecing together endless YouTube and Google advice.


Put what you're learning into action

✅Step-by-step lesson summaries, checklists, templates and worksheets

✅ Implement and make your ads better right away!

Implementation = Results


Don't reinvent the wheel - follow the proven formulas

✅ Effortlessly write high-converting Facebook ads copy using the (many!) templates provided in the course

✅Get inspired by other successful ads


Experience the power of paid traffic

✅Set up a Facebook ads campaign generating leads for your webinar, challenge or freebie

✅Set up ads to generate SALES

✅Save time and eliminate frustration by following the lessons on all the tech elements that you need to have in place to run ads successfully


Optimization is where the money is at! 

And also, that's where most Facebook ads programs leave you stranded... NOT THIS PROGRAM.

✅ I've created the most in-depth optimization process and organized it into 6 clear steps for you so that you know exactly what to do in any ad situation.
👉Knowing what to do means that you won't give up! Ads is the long game, so when you stay the course, you get MUCH better results.

(on the VIP Plan)

12 Weeks of guided learning

✅Get trusted step-by-step guidance and your questions answered promptly as they come up

✅On the live calls, we can dive deep into your ads and funnel and figure out ALL the areas of improvement

Happy clients = happy me

Katya Varbanova
Founder of Viral Marketing Stars® and 20k Nation™

"Yulia helped us scale from 100 customers all the way to 9000+ customers!"

"I’ve been working with Yulia since 2016 and she’s been the most instrumental person on my marketing team!

If it wasn’t for her, there’s no way I would have scaled the business from the early days from 100 customers all the way to 9000+ customers!

Facebook ads has been our number one traffic source and if it wasn’t for Yulia we wouldn’t even be doing this!

She’s also incredibly diligent and would recommend her not just as an expert but also as a kind human being."

Bill Rosenthal
CEO, Visibility and Conversions

"Yulia helped our clients improve on their KPIs"

"Yulia is a professional marketer committed to driving results and has developed comprehensive social media strategies that have helped our clients improve on their KPIs.

Her attention to developing best practice guidelines and implementing them accordingly in an ever-changing landscape make her an industry leader.

 We would recommend Yulia to others and look forward to continue working with her."

Viola Cherchi
Founder at www.Vitek.Digital

"Amazingly experienced and reliable"

"Yulia is an amazingly experienced and reliable Facebook Ads Strategist who deeply understands her customers’ needs providing invaluable hands on support in accordance with best practices.

 She is quick to identify potential complications so they can be addressed in the planning stage.  

It’s a few years Yulia and I have been working together now and I cannot recommend her enough!"

"We were able to cut the Cost per Lead in HALF in just a few days of working with Yulia! I was amazed!"

Svet Dimitrov, Founder at

Invest now - enjoy stellar Facebook ad results for months and years down the road!

Pre-Sale: DIY like a Boss Plan

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  • Learn and implement at your own pace

    • The entire framework to help you run ads confidently and profitably
    • All the modules with detailed step-by-step tutorials
    • Worksheets so that you can start running ads right away
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Pre-sale: VIP Plan with LIVE Support

$297 USD

  • Get LIVE guidance & feedback on your ads

    • All the modules and bonuses that come with the Standard plan
    • 4 Months of Live support via members-only Facebook group ($500 value)
    • 4 Months of Live support via weekly group calls ($1200 value)
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PRE-SALE is a limited-time offer.
If you take action now, you get to join Business Amplifier at the lowest price that it’s EVER going to be offered.

Once the pre-sale period ends, the price will go up, especially for the VIP plan that includes my live support.
So if you are ready to MASSIVELY uplevel your advertising skills and get that extra leverage in your business, then grab this juicy offer while it's still on.
Just imagine what your business - and life! - will look like with a steady flow of largely automated leads and sales.

And if you still have some doubts...
We have a 100%, No Questions Asked 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

I am confident that you’ll love this course and it will transform your business… but if you’re feeling uncertain, we have a 30 day money back guarantee that makes this a 100% no-risk investment. 

If, after 30 days in Business Amplifier, you decide that it’s not for you, just let me know and I’ll refund 100% of your course fee – no questions asked.  

That’s how confident I am in the quality of this program.  All I want is for you to feel confident and secure about making this investment in yourself and your future. 

So what's inside the course?

Module 1.

Set Yourself Up for Success: What do you need to know BEFORE running Facebook ads?

✅Analyse and benchmark your funnel so that you’re able to FIND and FIX any leaky holes that are currently sucking money out of your business

✅ Zero in on a WINNING Facebook ads strategy - for YOU! (different businesses need different strategies)

✅ Use my 3-step process to calculate EXACTLY how much you need to spend on your Facebook ads

 ✅ Prevent your ads from getting rejected and your ads account from getting shut down

Module 2.

How to Target the RIGHT Audience on Facebook?

✅ Complete the 5-Point Client Psychology Deep Dive to set the foundation for writing high-converting ad copy

✅ Use proven methods to gather intel on your audience to improve both your targeting and copywriting

✅ Determine the BEST targeting options for YOUR specific business

Module 3.

How to Write High-Converting Facebook Ad Copy?

✅ What are the 3 MUST-HAVE elements of a high-converting Facebook ad?

✅ 15 Hooks to pull your audience in from the first line of your ad  

✅ High-converting Facebook ad copy templates to make your life easier

Module 4.

How to Design a High-Converting Facebook Ad Creative (Image and Video)?

✅ What makes for a scroll-stopping Facebook ad image? What about video?

✅ Criteria, tools, checklists and examples to empower you to design ads that ACTUALLY get clicked

✅ Plenty of ideas for you to come up with at least 2  different ad creatives that are guaranteed to stop the scroll 

Module 5.

What Tech Elements Do You Need to Set Up Facebook Ads? [Covers both Lead Gen Through a Lead Form or Through an Opt-in Page]

✅ How to set up a lead form (and make it work double for your business)?

✅ How to adjust your tech to the latest changes? (all your pixel, Conversions API, direct integration questions answered)

✅ How to create a high-converting opt-in page - so that you make the MOST out of your advertising budget?

Module 6.

How to structure your Facebook ads campaigns for success?

✅ Why correct structure and proper testing framework are ABSOLUTELY essential to your ads' success?

✅ Should you set the budget at the campaign or ad set level?

✅ How to test your ads against each other so that your results and profits keep improving? 

Module 7.

How to Set Up Facebook Ads Generating Leads for a Webinar, Challenge or Lead Magnet?

✅ How to create the essential Custom Audiences for your ads? (so that you reach your most engaged audiences who are MOST likely to convert)

✅ How to set up your lead generation campaign - from start to finish? (either through a native lead form or an opt-in page)

✅ Get your campaign LIVE - Yay! 

Module 8.

How to Analyze, Optimize & Scale Facebook Ads?

✅ Which numbers to look at when optimizing your lead generation ads - and which ones to disregard?

✅ The 6-Step Ad Optimization Process to CONSTANTLY improve your ads and make them more effective and profitable

✅ Scaling methods for your ad campaigns - for when you're ready to GO BIG! 

Module 9.

How to Set Up Facebook Ads Generating Sales of Your PAID Offer?

✅ How to write an irresistible sales ad?

✅ Jump into the Ads Manager and  get your sales ads set up!

✅ How to optimize and scale your sales ads?


✅Extra live and / or pre-recorded trainings to make your Facebook ads journey even easier and more profitable.

✅ If you're  one of the first students, you can request a bonus training. 


Psst..! You might be wondering, "What does Pre-Sale mean?
When will I get access to course content?"  

Pre-sale offer means that not all modules of this course will be available to you all at once.

✅A large portion of content is already prepared, but I will still be recording SOME parts of this course live, as students start going through it.

That means that some modules will be dripped out with a gap of 1-2 weeks between each module. I’ll be aiming for just a 1-week gap but saving myself some buffer time in case I run into any tech issues.

I'll be upfront: If you are looking for a course that you can cover in a weekend, then the pre-sale option is not for you. If you wish, you can catch this course later, when it is released full-length.

Please also make sure to read the Terms and Conditions for full details to make sure this offer truly works for you.

ON THE FLIP SIDE... If you choose to join during the Pre-Sale period:

🔷You get to join Business Amplifier at the lowest price that it’s ever going to be offered.

🔷 Due to some parts of the course being dripped out, overall there will be a longer support period compared to the future (non-pre-sale) rounds of the program.

🔷You get to request bonuses or content adjustments for the course that will cover a specific area that you’re interested in. During the later rounds of Business Amplifier, students most likely won’t have that option.  

If the special Pre-Sale offer sounds like a good fit for you, then enroll today before it's gone. 

Results with my consulting
and done-for-you clients

7x Return on Investment on client launch

1,236 new subscribers for a client's affiliate launch

584 email subscribers at £1.32 each

123 new subscribers for a coaching client

800 new subscribers at AUD $3.83 each

1,882 email subscribers at £2.79 each

431 new subscribers at AUD $2.86 each

My other results with clients include... 

💰Helping a client generate 29x ROI on their Facebook ads and nearly 6 figures in revenue (46% of that profit)

⛔️Advising the client to STOP their ads... implement some funnel tweaks...  and restart their ads with triple the profit!

🚀Helping a client go from a brand-new digital product to thousands of customers

Thanks to Facebook [Meta] ads, many of my clients were able to: 

✅add an extra, largely automated stream of income to their business which meant that...

✅they didn't suffer from revenue dips - even when going through major health challenges or busy life periods

And now, you can get access to ALL the tools and strategies that I've used with my done-for-you and consulting clients - my course, the Business Amplifier, has it all covered!

Not to mention, you can study at your own pace, and apply the materials WITHOUT a 5-figure investment for done-for-you or consulting services.

AND there's a cost-effective option that includes my LIVE guidance. 😉

Enroll today to take advantage of the special Pre-Sale offer!

Frequently Asked Questions

For established coaches, consultants and online course creators ready to generate leads and sales with Facebook ads. The Business Amplifier course can be applied to email list growth, sales of low-cost digital products, online courses, premium coaching / consulting packages and more. 

If you are NOT a coach, consultant or online course creator, there may be another person and another course that can help you better than I. For example, this course does not cover the specifics relevant to e-commerce ads or local businesses ads. I chose to specialize in the coaching, consulting and online course creation niche so that I can focus my expertise and provide the highest quality service and digital products. 

Yes, absolutely, we go through both the strategy and the set up step by step in a way that even a total beginner can easily follow along. 

Yes, absolutely, the tools in this course will help you run your launch ads. I’ve used these methods and tools to help multiple clients run 6 and 7 figure launches.

Yes, 100%! I’ve used these methods and tools to help multiple clients generate hundreds of thousands of leads.

Yes, you can grow your Facebook group using the tools and methods from the Business Amplifier course.

Yes, the course covers the creative and technical considerations related to Instagram ads.

If your business is struggling financially at the moment, Facebook ads are not the right tool to invest in. Facebook ads cannot fix lack of sales – they only amplify what’s already happening in your business.

The PROs:
- You get to join Business Amplifier at the lowest price that it’s ever going to be offered.  
- Due to some parts of the course being dripped out, overall there will be a longer support period compared to the future (non-pre-sale) rounds of the program.  
- You get to request bonuses or content adjustments for the course that will cover a specific area that you’re interested in. During the later rounds of Business Amplifier, students most likely won’t have that option.  

The CONs:  
- Some modules will be dripped out with a gap of 1-2 weeks between each module. I’ll be aiming for just a 1-week gap but saving myself some buffer time in case I run into any tech issues. If you are looking for the course that you can cover in a weekend, then the pre-sale option is not for you. You can wait until the course is released full-length.  
- This is my first time running this course in this format so there might be glitches or small issues that simply haven’t been discovered and fixed yet. If you’re ok with the experience being slightly imperfect (but still hugely valuable), then joining while on pre-sale shouldn’t be an issue.  

There will be a Facebook group, and you can ask questions and get feedback on your ads in that group during the weekdays. I will have office hours every day for answering student’s questions and will aim to cover all questions and comments as soon as possible (same day or next-day basis, depending on the time zones etc).
 The live support calls will be hosted over Zoom and we can dive into your Facebook ads dashboard, review your funnel - basically do everything we can to optimize your ads’ performance and make them more profitable.  

Have a question that hasn't been answered in the FAQ section? 
Please send it through the form below, and I'll be happy to answer it.